We are excited to announce that Javelin Distribution has been acquired by Adstream, for more information on this please contact the team or click on the following link

A better way to deliver your clients' ads.

Javelin's new ad delivery platform enables ad distributors to deliver HD and SD advertising content to stations without the added fees and common-technical complications that often result with managing multiple formats. Promoting industry neutrality and maintaining a straightforward-pricing structure, Javelin's steadfast spot distribution network and transparent support tools empower you to focus and provide the best ad delivery services to meet your clients' needs.

There's no need to switch order-management systems; Javelin integrates easily with preexisting systems and requires no additional equipment to take up space and budget. Best of all, Javelin keeps you in the loop. With secure online access, you can track and manage your ads from any online location. And you can relax with Javelin's monitoring system, which ensures consistency and cross-checks orders, media files, and transmission instructions for a seamless delivery.

Your clients will appreciate the flexibility of Javelin's options and the speed Javelin delivers to TV stations and networks simultaneously. The choice ad delivery platform for your clients and the answer to your need for spot distribution transparency.