We are excited to announce that Javelin Distribution has been acquired by Adstream, for more information on this please contact the team or click on the following link

You plug in.
We do the rest.

New advertising spotdistribution systems can be time-consuming and frustrating to integrate into daily TV station workflows. Javelin's features streamline with current operations and enhance your routine with easy ad receipt without patchwork-format delivery, firewall triggers, maintenance issues, or complicated training.

Our Javelin Portal gives you the ability to monitor the status of your ad deliveries at all times. Stay ahead with Javelin technology, and rest assured that if you receive ads via the Javelin ad delivery platform, you'll have all your content on time to make your air schedule.

As industry leaders, we understand the need to protect the finished quality of media, from content creation to delivery fruition. Javelin's enhanced spot distribution technology delivers time sensitive, advertising and promotional content in both HD and SD fluidly, and completely intact.

You just plug in, and we'll do the rest.