We are excited to announce that Javelin Distribution has been acquired by Adstream, for more information on this please contact the team or click on the following link

Ad delivery — simpler, faster and with more options.

Javelin is a revolutionary advertising delivery platform that works with advertisers, agencies, and distributors to more effectively and efficiently deliver HD and SD advertising content to TV stations, networks, and cable.

The Javelin Portal supports the industry with dedication to deliver the highest-quality control and cost effectiveness, and offers users many other valuable features.

Javelin features include:

  • The ability to track and manage ads from any online location
  • 24/7 monitoring system ensuring ad delivery consistency and quality
  • A high-speed satellite connection that supports more users, higher volumes, and larger HD files
  • Streaming spot distribution technology that enables single-source HD and SD-file delivery; users can choose between SD and HD with greater efficiency and in turn, more savings
  • An open-architecture ad distribution network that seamlessly integrates with preexisting Online Management Systems and workflow operations