Frequently asked questions.

What is Javelin?

Javelin is a revolutionary new ad delivery platform that works with advertisers, agencies, and distributors to more effectively and efficiently deliver HD and SD-advertising content to broadcast stations.

What kind of connection does Javelin's ad delivery system use?

Javelin uses a secure-satellite connection to get your ads out fast. As backup option to ensure quality and safe delivery of ads, we have an internet connection readily available as well.

Will I have to switch order-management systems to use Javelin?

No. Our Application Program Interface (API) allows you to easily add the Javelin-transmission system to your existing system.

Can I deliver my ads in HD?

Yes, Javelin lets you send ads in HD or SD and switch between formats if desired, too. No other ad delivery system provides this flexibility.

Will I be able to know when and where my ads are delivered?

Yes, Javelin lets you track and manage ads from any online location.

Will using Javelin require me to purchase more equipment?

No, Javelin requires no additional hardware at all.

How do I know my ads are getting where they need to be?

Javelin's monitoring system is up and running 24/7 to ensure quality spot distribution.

Will Javelin distribute my ads out one at a time while a connection loads?

No, since Javelin distributes ad content out via satellite, we are able to distribute from one destination to many simultaneously.